The Milner Centre for Evolution Project update

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Welcome to the monthly update aimed at keeping you up to speed on the new Milner Centre for Evolution project.

The site manager, Firhan Rudorf-Saeed is on site throughout the working day, and should be the first point of contact for any issues. The contractors are currently holding weekly meetings with the users of Building 4SA, and attend the monthly University contractors meeting with a view to keeping staff and students informed of our works and to give notice of any potential disruption.

The first stage of the ground works is nearly complete. They are at the closing stages of excavating the ground to lower levels to install foundations and drainage up to 3m in depth. There will still be some element of noisy works, as the works involving the removal of rock is still ongoing. The noise and vibration is intermittent throughout the working day, and will take us into the beginning of May. The excavated material being removed from site by haulage lorries is now approximately 90% complete while road conditions are constantly being monitored, and a road sweeper is being utilised as and when required.

Both the new water connection to Building 4SA and the works to excavate an electricity trench from site to the substation opposite the car park have now been completed. There is no further work planned in the immediate future which will affect the road outside our site compound.

The ground floor slab has now been poured with the use of concrete pumps. This was a key milestone and allows the next phase of building works to commence – which will see steel arrive on site the 2nd week of May, and the works involving the steel erection will take us up to the end of May. The steel will be erected with the use of mobile cranes, and also mobile elevating working platforms, which, unfortunately do emit a noisy beep when in operation.

As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding whilst the construction phase is ongoing.

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