Polden development update

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Welcome to the sixth monthly update aimed at keeping you up to speed on the new Polden Student Accommodation project.

June was another busy month for us on the project and as you will know if you have seen the site, this month has seen the building rise out of the ground.

Foundations are now complete to all areas of the building. Our groundworkers are concentrating on digging out and installing drainage beneath the building to allow the ground floor slab to be cast adjacent to 7W and 9W. The excavations against the retaining walls are also now being filled to allow external drainage to link the building into the existing University drainage system.

The concrete structure is progressing at great speed, and we are working on forming the level 2 floor slab to the corner nearest the West Car Park entrance.

We continue to pour concrete every day, forming columns and walls every evening to allow the concrete to cure during the cooler evenings. This allows us to strike the shutters on columns the following morning and prepare the next column to be cast the same afternoon, a method which has allowed the frame to progress quickly.

As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding while the construction phase is ongoing, and we continue to work closely with the Department of Estates, AHS, and Security teams to minimise disruption as much as possible.

Below are a few photos of progress taken from our tower cranes.  What a great view they have 40m above the ground!

Current site (from above)

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