DDAR Staff Spotlight: John Richardson, Fundraising & Engagement Coordinator

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The Department of Development & Alumni Relations help our graduates to stay connected with the University of Bath and each other. We also fundraise for a wide range of causes at the University, including scholarships, research and student experience.

John, Fundraising & Engagement Coordinator, shares his experiences, motivations and dream superpower...

How long have you worked at the Uni? What does your role involve?
I've been here for just over two years. In a nutshell, my role involves helping our brilliant alumni with day-to-day email or phone queries; supporting major fundraising projects such as the telethon; managing our crowdfunding platform; and assisting other departments to engage with our alumni.

Name one thing that makes you feel proud to work in the University of Bath’s Development & Alumni Relations team?
Only one?! The money raised for Gold Scholarships. Going to university can be daunting and challenging, especially if many of your peers aren’t going, but the scholarship programme helps talented people to overcome financial and other personal barriers to get to Bath and excel.

What would you most like to achieve while at the University?
That alumni feel treated well and appreciated for their generosity. And a chance to have a go on the bobsleigh push-start track would be nice, too.

Who was your most influential teacher, or educator and why?
Other than my late mum and dad, Helen and John, A-level history teachers who were incredibly passionate, funny, quite rude and always told the other side of the story.

What piece of advice would you like to give to a student?
With your student card, you can get 10% discount at the Co-Op. And, don’t be afraid to give something a go – the best time to try is before you’re ready.

When are you happiest?
When following my sons to the top of a decent mountain on a beautiful day or, day to day, riding my bike too fast down North Road from the Uni.

Which one superpower would you like to possess?
I don’t need a superpower; the family have got my back.

Posted in: Bath, DDAR Staff Spotlight

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