DDAR staff profile: Beth Howson, Head of Philanthropy (Student Support) 

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The Department of Development & Alumni Relations help our graduates to stay connected with the University of Bath and each other. We also fundraise for a wide range of causes at the University, including scholarships, research and student experience. 

Head of Philanthropy Beth tells us about her pride in scholarships, being inspired by her mum and why Mozart is on her ‘must meet’ list… 

How long have you worked at the Uni? What does your role involve? 

I’ve worked here since September 2022 as Head of Philanthropy for Student Support, although I covered a maternity leave in 2015-2016 so it’s wonderful to be back. 

My current role involves working with alumni to fund student scholarships, including PhDs, the Gold Scholarship Programme and our Sanctuary scholarships. Gold Scholarships were just being created when I worked here before, and now we have hundreds of current and former scholars in the Gold community. 


Name one thing makes you feel proud to work at the University of Bath?  

Meeting our students whose lives have been changed completely by the support of an alumni donor makes me really proud. Without our team, scholarships wouldn’t be funded.  


What would you most like to achieve while at the University?  

I would love to secure sustainable annual funding for the Gold Scholarship Programme, and to be part of creating the next scheme to help support even more students. 


Who was your most influential teacher, or educator and why?  

Probably my mum – now I’m a parent myself, I’ve realised all the things she taught me when I didn’t even notice it. 


What piece of advice would you like to give to a student? 

Take all the opportunities that you can – the University has amazing staff who can help prepare you for whatever you want to do after your degree. And go live abroad if you can! I lived and worked in Vancouver for over a decade and it was an amazing experience. 


When are you happiest? 

Spending time with friends and family – kids, husband and dog Monty – probably has to be top of the list, but I also love a good murder mystery and playing the flute in an orchestra.  


If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and why? 

I’d love to meet Mozart and to see him improvise a piano sonata on the spot. 


Posted in: DDAR Staff Spotlight, On campus


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