Parade Profile: Sherifat Adeniyi (BSc Economics 2021; MSc International Development with Economics 2022)

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Sherifat Adeniyi studied economics at Bath thanks to a Gold Scholarship, supported by alumnus Stephen Kelly (BSc Business Administration 1984). She tells us about the impact it had on her time at university, her favourite spots to soak up the city views and working with social impact organisations.

Sherifat smiling at the camera

Why did you choose to study at Bath?

I chose to study at Bath for a few reasons – I liked the content of the course and the option to do a year-long placement. I also really loved the city, visiting campus for the first time and walking around Bath afterwards was really lovely.

I recall the open day being really positive and an emphasis to study hard but also get involved with extracurricular activities. Learning a bit about the Wellbeing Service at Bath was reassuring, too.

Did you have a particular career in mind when you chose to study economics and then for a master’s in international development with economics?

I didn’t quite have a career in mind when studying economics, I just knew I didn’t want to be an investment banker because of the long hours. I was pretty intrigued by the idea of going into consulting or research.

By the time I decided to do my master’s in international development with economics, I knew I wanted to go into the social impact space. Following my year-long placement I really wanted to carry out rewarding work and make a change.

Can you tell us about your experience of studying here as one of our first Gold Scholars? Any favourite memories, or places to go on campus and in the city?

Being a Gold Scholar was really lovely, some of my first friends at university were other scholars I met. The team were also super friendly and provided me with great pastoral support.

One of my best memories in Bath was the summer ball at the end of my second year. I enjoyed getting all dressed up with my friends and going on random funfair rides on campus.

I also used to enjoy going to the balcony on top of the library, as it was a great spot to watch the sunset. The city has loads of really nice spots, I loved going to Alexandra Park, Bathwick mews, Warleigh Weir and the Garden of remembrance in Henrietta Park.

Describe your career journey since graduating. What is a typical day like in your current role?

I graduated in December 2022 and started my first job post-studying in January 2023. I work as a Research and Projects Associate at a consultancy who work primarily with charities, social enterprises and other social impact organisations.

A typical day for me starts with admin and getting caught up with emails and outstanding tasks. I love using to-do lists and I tend to start my day thinking about what needs to get done. I also do quite a bit of project coordination in my role so I double-check project timelines and ensure things are on track. My days tend to vary beyond this point– I either do desk work, speak to clients, attend client meetings or internal team meetings.

I’m really enjoying my role and the fact I get to engage with clients that operate in a sector I’m super passionate about. I’m also learning a lot and acquiring new skills, which are helping me develop both professionally and personally.

How did your studies and experience at Bath help you to develop?

My studies definitely helped me fine tune my analytical skills. My economics degree enabled me to acquire quantitative research skills and my postgraduate degree gave me the opportunity to focus on developing my qualitative research skills and improving my report and essay writing.

Both degrees massively helped me develop presentation skills and the ability to work in a team. Teamwork was a skill I further developed through volunteering during my time at Bath. Volunteering also enabled me to work on my communication, which was a big help in my personal life.

What advice would you give to prospective students thinking about applying for the Gold Scholarship to study at Bath?

I would definitely advise prospective students to apply for the Gold Scholarship and any other scholarship programme they’re eligible for! University can pose a massive financial burden and being a recipient of financial support makes such a difference.

The Gold Scholarship in particular is great because it encourages students to do volunteering, fundraising and outreach, which can help you feel a greater sense of community in Bath. It also looks great on your CV and could open up new doors of opportunity.


Watch a video that Sherifat made during her first year at the University of Bath in 2018.

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