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It's an absolute delight to launch this blog of our development of an open-source finite element model of the ankle. The Open Ankle Model(s) is a collaborative project funded by Orthopaedic Research UK as an Early Career Research Fellowship. The project is led by Dr Pegg and our vision is to produce standardised and validated models of the ankle joint which can facilitate the use of simulation (so called "in-silico trials") to inform and optimise ankle treatment.

There are many stakeholders in this project; patients, clinicians, researchers, and more, and our goal is to collaborate with everyone who has an interest in the project so that we can ensure our models are useful to the orthopaedic community. Our team consists of three people working at the University of Bath: Dr Pegg is leading the project, Prof Gill is her mentor, and Dr Talbott is a post-doctoral researcher. We also have a steering committee, who are a mixture of engineers and clinicians that guide the project; Dr Brockett, Mr Gulati, and Mr Mangwani. Lastly, we have had two mechanical engineering undergraduate students working on this project at the University of Bath; these are Hao Chen, and Ben Lajie who have now graduated, and we would like to thank them for all their hard work.

Below are the details of everyone currently working on the project, click on the photos for more information, and if you want to be involved please don't hesitate to get in touch (email:

Photograph of Dr Elise Pegg
Dr Elise Pegg, University of Bath (Project lead)
Photograph of Dr Harriet Talbott
Dr Harriet Talbott, University of Bath (Researcher)
Photograph of Dr Claire Brockett
Dr Claire Brockett, University of Leeds (Steering Committee)
Photograph of Mr Aashish Gulati
Mr Aashish Gulati, Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust (Steering Committee)
Photograph of Mr Jitendra Mangwani
Mr Jitendra Mangwani, University Hospitals of Leicester (Steering Committee)
Photograph of Professor Richie Gill
Professor Richie Gill, University of Bath (Project Mentor)

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