Thank you, Start-Up Fund, for allowing me to attend networking events!

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Alisha Tuladhar is a 1st Year PhD Student in School of Management. Alisha recently attended a series of meetings with the circular economy club in London. Here she shares her experiences.

I am very grateful to Start-Up Fund and the Public Engagement Unit team here at University of Bath for supporting me to engage with the Circular Economy Club (CEC). As a PhD Student we are often involved in desk research with reading and writing about the subject and might miss out on the opportunities happening in the industry. This Start-Up Fund allowed me to network with Circular Economy Club, join their team as a PR Coordinator and now as Membership Executive and network with key people in the field.

The fund allowed me to travel to London four times to meet the team and be engaged in one of the CEC London events held at the Future Cities Catapult’s Urban Innovation Centre in London. The event brought together 90 Circular Economy professionals to engage, learn and network. Read more about the event here.

So, what’s next?

After having applied of this Start-Up Fund, I was inspired to aim higher. Thus, I placed a bid for LITEBox Santander Technology Fund for Circular Economy Toolkit. The aim of this toolkit is to produce well-crafted case studies and concept videos that would benefit both academics and practitioners in the CE field. Read more about the project here.

Furthermore, I intend to maintain and sustain the network I have built via attending several events. I plan to continue working with the CEC and finding ways to contribute and be part of the team. I believe this is a win-win situation as it will help me hold conversations related to my research and the team benefits from my time as a volunteer.

Posted in: Doing Public Engagement, Engage Grants


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