Share your research at a Science Café

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Are you looking to share your research with a local audience in an open discussion and answer questions about your work? Then the Café Scientifque is for you.

A Café Scientique or Science Café is a way of sharing your research which is a bit different to typical lecture or public talk. The focus is on an informal group discussion where participants can explore your research, ask questions and give their thoughts about the topic.

This is a great opportunity to understand how non-specialist audiences think about your research and can even lead to developing better research questions, ideas or dissemination methods.

You’ll be able to give a short (5-10 minute) introduction to your work, followed by an open discussion with the participants and organisers.

The Café Scientifique is taking place on the first Monday of each month at The Bell pub in Great Cheverell starting in February. Travel expenses will be covered by the Public Engagement Unit.

If you are interested in taking part drop us a line at

Posted in: Doing Public Engagement


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