Staying active in older age

Practical health and exercise advice for people aged 60 and over on staying active, even in isolation, from researchers at the University of Bath

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  • Week 3: How much are you sitting?

    Hello! We hope you have had a good week and have managed to get into a routine of daily exercise at home. You should now have a set of exercises from the blog that will help you improve your strength,...

  • Week 2: Let’s keep moving

    Welcome back! We hope you have had a good week and have managed to start fitting some home exercising into your daily routine. The exercises described in Week 1 focused on your lower body strength and improving balance. In week...

  • Week 1: Let’s get moving

    Before starting any exercise, it's really important that everyone stays safe. If you haven’t done much physical activity for a while, begin at a low intensity to make sure you don’t injure or overly tire yourself. If you don’t feel...

  • Adjusting to new realities

    Hello and welcome to this new blog from the REtirement in ACTion (REACT) study team Our research is all about older people and physical activity, and we want to use this blog as a space to provide regular practical...