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Naomi Farrington, International Relations Coordinator for the School of Management, writes about her staff mobility experience in Valladolid, Spain
Published 7/20/2022 in International Relations Office
I set off to Spain with some trepidation as I hadn’t used my basic Spanish skills for many years and wasn’t entirely sure what I was more ❯

10 essentials to carry to university as a first year International student
Published 7/20/2022 in Student bloggers
Shifting to a new country involves a lot of thought, planning and consideration from the packing stage. With 3 months left for the new academic more ❯

Discover our Research with Impact
Published 7/20/2022 in On Parade
What makes the University of Bath distinctive? One of the most cherished things about our University is our sense of community, our networks – more ❯

1, 2, 3 and done.
Published 7/19/2022 in Student bloggers
My name is Stacey Rawlings and I am a Social Work graduate from the University of Bath. Now, this is a sentence I only dreamed of when beginning more ❯

Climate risk finance heresy
Published 7/19/2022 in Bill Scott's blog
If you click here you can watch a 16 minute talk by Stuart Kirk (HSBC's Head of Responsible Investment / Head of Research & Insights) at an more ❯

Overcoming 'LinkedIn Loneliness'!
Published 7/18/2022 in Student bloggers
Hello! It may have been quite some time since you began your course here in Bath and it's that dreaded time of the year when everyone around more ❯

Parade Profile: Emily Harrison (BSc Business Administration 2018)
Published 7/18/2022 in On Parade
Emily Harrison (BSc Business Administration 2018) works remotely as a self-employed Project Manager, going into London once per week to meet more ❯

Bath retains the top spot in NSS!
Published 7/15/2022 in Office of Strategic Governance
NEWS Westminster To say it’s been a busy couple of weeks in Westminster would be an understatement. We are not going to attempt to summarise more ❯

How green will the new prime minister be
Published 7/15/2022 in Bill Scott's blog
Unless you've been hibernating you're probably aware that there is a competition for a replacement prime minister.  I've been trying to hear more ❯

Woodland Court 2021/2022
Published 7/14/2022 in Student bloggers My Woodland Court Experience (2022) As a student who rather frantically researched all on-campus accommodation here more ❯

The Numbers Game
Published 7/14/2022 in Chaplains Latest Reflection
When you reach a certain age you are invited for annual health check-ups by the NHS. I have just had mine. It is a bit like the yearly MOT more ❯

International Non-binary People’s Day - 14 July
International Non-binary People’s Day is observed each year on 14 July and is aimed at celebrating non-binary people, and raising awareness more ❯

Tendering at the DfE
Published 7/14/2022 in Bill Scott's blog
Tendering for the DfE's über high profile climate leaders award and its nature park scheme would not seem to have been the roaring success that more ❯

Pride 2022 and summer update!
Hi everyone,There has been a bit of a gap in blogs and updates from us recently but as it is now summer and things slow down a little (kind of!) more ❯

UK and Korea post-Covid: Confronting ghosts of the past and why inclusive growth is a necessity and not a luxury
Published 7/13/2022 in IPR blog
Allister McGregor is an Honorary Professor in the Institute for Policy Research (IPR) at the University of Bath. At a recent conference hosted more ❯

A summary of my first year as an Architecture Student
Published 7/13/2022 in Student bloggers
Hi everyone, I have just completed my first year studying Architecture here at the University of Bath and I can’t wait to write this blog more ❯

Me and younger sister posing for primary school photo
Women in Engineering: What led me to choose a chemical engineering degree?
Published 7/12/2022 in Student bloggers
The recent ‘Women in Engineering Day’ on June 23rd has led me to reflect on my journey and how I ended up completing an engineering degree; more ❯

‘Imaginative Practice’, impact and intersectionality
Published 7/12/2022 in Bath Business and Society
These reflections are based on Francesca Sobande’s May 2022 Thinklist keynote on the relationship between imaginativeness, digital culture, more ❯