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University of Bath student Hannah Glover (left), with her French exchange partner from ENS de Lyon during a bilingual virtual exchange meet-up on Zoom.
My language-learning journey at Bath
Published 4/18/2023 in Academic & Employability Skills
Third year MChem student Hannah Glover shares her experience of learning Japanese and French alongside her degree and taking part in a more ❯

A hand throwing a paper airplane in the air, it is sunrise.
Alternative Job Hunting Strategies: Speculative applications
Alternative Job Hunting Strategies: Speculative applications In the coming weeks we will publish blogs giving advice on alternative more ❯

From High School to University : An Indian Student's Point of View
Published 4/17/2023 in Student bloggers
Making the transition from high school to university can be one of the most significant experiences for a student. As an international student, more ❯

Ofqual spends £90,000
Published 4/15/2023 in Bill Scott's blog
PA Consulting Services received £90,000 to think about the environmental impact of examinations on behalf of Ofqual, the "Office of more ❯

Nature and Nitrogen Policy
Published 4/14/2023 in Bill Scott's blog
It's endlessly interesting how different countries name their great offices of state.  Indeed, the USA has a Secretary of State (as we did more ❯

equipment in van
New home and collecting together
Published 4/12/2023 in Education Technology Archive
Today we had a bit of a change today on campus. We moved our entire archive from deep storage from various places across the campus, and rolled more ❯

Electronic tablets says mental health matters on red background
Things to do in Bath to aid your mental health and wellbeing
Published 4/12/2023 in Student bloggers
Hey everyone, I hope your having a wonderful day. This year, I am aiming to spend more time looking after my mental health and wellbeing and more ❯

A WEEC is a long time in Abu Dhabi
Published 4/11/2023 in Bill Scott's blog
I see that WEEC is following in FIFA's footsteps by holding its next global extravaganza in the Gulf.  WEEC 2024 – the 12th congress – will more ❯

Careful Crime, Heat Pumps, Net Zero and German Cars
Published 4/7/2023 in Bill Scott's blog
Back in 2018, a survey of 2,143 people by YouGov revealed that 27%  of them admit to “careful littering” such as leaving drinks cans or more ❯

Group photo at the top of Gran Torre Santiago.
ITT de Chile: SAMBa visits Santiago
Published 4/6/2023 in SAMBa
In December 2022, a group of SAMBa students and staff travelled to Chile for an Integrative Think Tank (ITT) in the capital city, Santiago. more ❯

What do we mean by the commercial determinants of health, and why does it matter
Published 4/6/2023 in Tobacco and Public Health
A new Series from The Lancet shines light on the commercial determinants of health, calling for a radical rethink on what role business plays more ❯

Photo of Bath Abbey under a blue sky.
Finding Community at University
Published 4/6/2023 in Student bloggers
Feeling nervous/anxious Approaching the start of university can bring up a lot of conflicting emotions. I remember feeling both excited, and more ❯

Parade Profile: Bharat Shah (BPharm Pharmacy 1971)
Published 4/6/2023 in On Parade
Since being one of the first to graduate from Bath, Bharat has built his business Sigma Pharmaceuticals to huge success and supports PhD more ❯

A day in my life as an Honorary Assistant Psychological Practitioner in London NHS
Published 4/6/2023 in Student bloggers
I am a third-year psychology undergraduate student who is currently on a clinical placement at NHS. I know that many people, especially those who more ❯

Resurrection not Resuscitation
Published 4/6/2023 in Chaplains Latest Reflection
When the young Siddhartha Gautama, the future Buddha, left the protection of his parent’s home and began his quest to find out what life was more ❯

Be The Change project update video
Published 4/5/2023 in Professor Cassie Wilson
In this video, Professor Cassie Wilson, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Student Experience), and Professor Rajani Naidoo, Vice-President (Community & more ❯

Published 4/4/2023 in Changing, Ourselves
How much washing you can actually do? I ask the question because of the phrase I kept hearing in the context of working from home: more ❯

TEL Support Offer for Curriculum Transformation
Published 4/4/2023 in Centre for Learning & Teaching
As we whizz through the year, Curriculum Transformation (CT) is fast approaching. With this in mind, it is the perfect time to let you more ❯