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Image of a microphone and a learner's L plate.
Your road to successful public speaking
Published 11/7/2023 in Academic & Employability Skills
Do you feel anxious at the thought of giving a speech, presenting at a conference, completing a viva, or attending an interview? If so, you’re more ❯

An assortment of tools and accessories arranged on a table and photographed top down, including Post-It notes, a screwdriver and pliers.
An AI tool to help with job applications
How many times have you been told to break down big tasks into smaller steps? For me, I’ve lost count. On a logical level, I know it works, more ❯

An old man in a ceremonial graduation cap and gown holding a degree and smiling against of backdrop of the University of Bath Parade street.
Parade Profile: Jack Whitehead (PhD Education 2000) 
Published 11/6/2023 in On Parade
Dr Jack Whitehead came to Bath to study education and has gone on to develop his educational theory in universities around the world as a more ❯

Life by the Lake with Kashish
Published 11/6/2023 in Be Well
We ask current students about their life at the University of Bath and their tops tips for being a student.  In this blog we talk meal planning, more ❯

Is the DfE Monitoring You?
Published 11/5/2023 in Bill Scott's blog
The Guardian, has reported that officials at the DfE have been conducting social media surveillance on a number of UK education specialists who' more ❯

The exciting world of engineering placements: your how-to guide 🚀
Author: Achala Sharma, third-year Beng(Hons) Chemical Engineering student As the first semester kicks off, there's a lot on your more ❯

Events unfolding in the Middle East
Published 11/2/2023 in Chaplains Latest Reflection
“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God” Matthew 5: 9 It is impossible to avoid the events unfolding in more ❯

Celebrating Diwali
This month Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Newar Buddhists will be celebrating the feast of Diwali.  It is a great celebration, a time for family, for more ❯

Women's Network: Skill Swap Workshops
We are delighted to tell you all about the launch of the Skill Swap Workshop Series. The concept behind the series is that everyone in more ❯

I see! Chemistry at its best
Published 11/2/2023 in Bill Scott's blog
I recently watched an informative and enjoyable I-SEE webinar.  The title was: Net Zero and Zero Emissions and it was given by Professor Bill more ❯

My placement search experience as a Gold Scholar
After just completing a 6th month placement in a small architecture practice, I wanted to share my experience of the search for placement and how more ❯

Universities, AI and the common good
Published 11/2/2023 in Bath Business and Society
To celebrate Professor Rajani Naidoo’s appearance at the Going Global 2023 conference, throughout November we’re spotlighting the more ❯

Gold Scholarship Opportunities: Mental Health First Aid Course
Increasing mental health knowledge, awareness, and skills is crucial in helping individuals who experience it. Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) more ❯

Seasonal Carving
Published 10/31/2023 in Education Technology Archive
There's a time and a place for carving..... but we're not sure it should be done to the front of a Sega Mega Drive II...... B.W. and R.S. more ❯

Critical Thinking and Climate Change Solutions
Published 10/31/2023 in Bill Scott's blog
Alison Anderson, Professor of Sociology at the University of Plymouth has written an article for the Academy of Social Sciences on How the more ❯

Children in Palestine and Israel continue to suffer as international law is routinely ignored
Published 10/30/2023 in Centre for Development Studies
In this piece originally published by The Conversation, Jason Hart comments on the fear and violence being experienced by children across more ❯

How to start your search
Whether you are looking for internships, work experience or a graduate position – starting your job search can feel daunting. Read on to find more ❯

Making the most of the start of university tips and tricks
Making the most of the start of university
Published 10/30/2023 in Be Well
Here are my tips on how to make the most of the start of university:  1. Talk to everyone!  Moving into university can be daunting and more ❯

National Disability Employment Awareness Month: aFLAME disability network for staff and PGR
Published 10/30/2023 in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
We are very proud of our staff networks which are dedicated spaces for colleagues sharing particular circumstances or characteristics to connect more ❯