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Quality, red tape and discipline
Published 1/21/2022 in Office of Strategic Governance
Covid The Department for Education has updated its Covid-19 guidance for higher education in light of the government’s lifting of Plan B more ❯

Closure of 4 South car park on 24 January
Published 1/21/2022 in Campus travel updates
The 4 South car park will be closed on Monday 24 January 2022 due to tree more ❯

Logo promoting ISB week e.g. a bag, pencil, graduation cap, book with lots of drawings relevant to being a student
Event Alert: Job Hunting in the UK - Monday 31 January to Thursday 3 February
  Would you like to find a graduate job in the UK but you don’t know where to start? From Monday 31 January to Thursday 3rd February more ❯

Brave New World – My first month in Digital
Published 1/20/2022 in Digital Content and Development
The last few weeks have felt like something of a blur to say the least. Since joining the Digital Development team at the start of the month I’ more ❯

Preparing for Exam Season
Published 1/20/2022 in Student bloggers
I’m writing this at the start of January, meaning that we have 2 weeks until our semester one exams. Admittedly, I am behind on lectures after more ❯

Should the age of participation in education or training be raised to 18 in Wales?
Published 1/20/2022 in IPR blog
Dr Matt Dickson is Reader in Public Policy at the Institute for Policy Research (IPR) at the University of Bath. Sue Maguire is an Honorary more ❯

Don't Look Up
Published 1/20/2022 in Chaplains Latest Reflection
In our church we’ve been working our way through the Gospel of Mark, reading it a section at a time, and this week we’ve arrived at the more ❯

An Introvert's Guide to Surviving University Life
Published 1/20/2022 in Student bloggers “Quiet people have the loudest minds.” – Stephen HawkingFor as long as I can remember, I more ❯

Dr Chiong kicks off CREA's 2022 Seminar Series
CREA today started off our 2022 Seminar Series with a fantastic talk by Dr Charleen Chiong and hosted by our own Dr Arif Naveed. Over 30 more ❯

Remembering Andy Stables
Published 1/19/2022 in Bill Scott's blog
My friend Andy Stables died this morning of prostate cancer.  Over many years, I knew him as a research student, a colleague, a more ❯

Families, the State and Educational Inequality in the Singapore City-State
Paper delivered at the Development in Education in Asia Research Seminars 2022, Centre for Research in Education in Asia, University of Bath - more ❯

Why you should rethink your online shopping habits
Published 1/19/2022 in Bath Business and Society
Here Vaggelis Giannikas explains how our online shopping habits could harm the environment and the economy, and what customers and retailers can more ❯

Putting the UK back into space with plastic-fuelled rockets
Ciarán is a final-year PhD student at the CSCT who works with Professors Davide Mattia and Karen Edler. While his work mainly focuses on more ❯

Listening for the corncrake
Published 1/18/2022 in Bill Scott's blog
I remembering walking on unimproved land along the English-side of the Solway; it would have been in the mid-1950s.  There was a rasping sound more ❯

Write a CV like Leonardo Da Vinci
CVs have changed throughout the centuries, but their goal is the same: To persuade. In 1482, Leonardo Da Vinci applied for a position on the ruler more ❯

Liberty, liberalism and the Greek Revolution
Published 1/17/2022 in IPR blog
Nick Pearce is Professor of Public Policy and Director of the Institute for Policy Research (IPR) at the University of Bath.  Six hundred more ❯

How to write a Typecase Manual: A manual
Published 1/14/2022 in Digital Content and Development
This manual will explain how you, a Content Writer in the Digital Content Team, can create a Manual for using Typecase.  Step one: Decide why more ❯

Happy New Year
Published 1/14/2022 in Professor Sarah Hainsworth
As another year starts and I reflect on all that happened last year I am struck by the dedication of all colleagues committed to delivering more ❯

A model of the human heart
Alumni Interview: NHS Scientist Training Programme - Cardiac Sciences
  This blog is written by Rachel, one of our Bath Department of Health alumni and currently on the NHS Scientist Training Programme. more ❯

Top Tips to Master Your Online Exam
Published 1/13/2022 in Be Well
Psychology Student Karen shares her tips on managing online exams: Exams are coming up and it is normal for you to feel nervous. Online exams more ❯

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