Resources & tutorials

Video tutorials: We have been trying our hand at movie making!

The following short video resources are available for everyone to use and cover the real basics of structural analysis.

More videos coming soon!

Assessments & class tests:

The two following tests are based on the work of David Brohn and can be used to assess the level of understanding among students of structural engineer. Both tests require students to draw the deflected shapes and corresponding bending moment diagrams for a series of structures.

Self learning  exercises

The  following  self learning exercise has been  used at both Warwick University and Bath University as a way of allowing  students to  understand the concepts and rules behind drawing deflected shapes and both moment and shear force diagrams. Its  kind of like a 'choose your own  adventure book'  but with  simple beams structures as opposed to wizards!

Structures to see in Bath

This map is a new project which I will be running in Bridge Eng, it allows our students to locate important structures within our surrounding area and then upload their own images/text for discussion in our tutorial sessions. If you have any structures that you think our students should take note of, please add them to the map.

View Structures@Bath Map 1 in a larger map

Links for the map
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