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Back to Bath

Placement overview

My months in Bristol and Paris couldn’t have been more interesting and challenging working on the Hinkley Point C  (HPC) project. I developed professional and technical competencies in International Supply chain management, financial management and procurement; and appreciated how senior management was willing to engage with placement students. My basic French improved quickly to intermediate level, as language lessons were provided for me in Bristol and Paris. There were many ‘extra’ memorable experiences I hadn’t anticipated. In Bristol I was present during visits from the former EDF Energy CEO, the French ambassador and various other VIPs. I was also given the opportunity to attend the 2017 Civil Nuclear Showcase in London and a team-building event between EDF’s French, British and Chinese delegates in Paris. My personal favourite moment was a conducted tour of the nearly commissioned Flamanville 3 EPR nuclear project. The placement was stimulating, insightful and fun, helping me become a more confident and knowledgeable final year student, with practical industry experience – including presenting to the HPC Board of Directors.

(The FA3 EPR reactor under construction in the north of France)

The Bath Placement advantage

Returning to student life in Bath after a year in the ‘real’ world felt strange at first; but I soon re-adjusted to university life and found the enthusiasm to apply my recently acquired practical ‘work related’ skills to my final year theoretical studies and coursework assignments. My confidence in group work scenarios and presentations was much greater than before and my analytical abilities have definitely improved.The international 3rd year component to the BSc (Hons) International Management degree gives students a distinct advantage. The year can be flexible and tailor-made to suit the individual; like my 5-month academic exchange in Mexico combined with a 5-month International Placement in Paris. Students are encouraged to develop language skills, which are crucial in increasingly interconnected and globalised business environments. I realised the advantages of such an experience when recently applying for MSc courses and 2018 summer internships: my applications have more substance because of the practical skills, business and management experience and foreign language acquisitions that my international placement year has given me.

(The University of Bath campus in the summer)

What’s next for me in 2018?

This year, having already gained a practical and technical grounding in procurement, supply chain management and finance for future nuclear energy production in the UK and Europe, I have decided to broaden my horizons and explore the financing of renewable energy as part of the solution to the threat of climate change.After graduating from Bath, I have been accepted to study on the MSc Climate Change, Management and Finance programme at Imperial College Business School (where EDF Energy’s Paul Spence, Strategy and Corporate Affairs director, presides on the advisory board). Nuclear Energy has a substantial role to play in forging a new energy landscape, and with EDF Energy at the forefront of providing low-carbon energy, I certainly would not rule out working for them in the future if the opportunity arose.


This is my final blog, as I will be handing the reins over to Anna-Mariya, the current University of Bath (BSc) International Management student on placement with EDF Energy on the HPC project. Thanks for reading my blogs over the last 6-months. I hope you found them interesting, informative and gave you a glimpse of all the ground- breaking work EDF Energy is undertaking. Who knows, they may have even encouraged you to apply for a placement with EDF Energy! All the best for 2018.

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