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Personally, I missed the accommodation tours when I applied to the University of Bath. This meant I only had one photo online to base my accommodation choice on, which turned out to be very frustrating! So now I am here, I thought I would take the opportunity to show you the set-up of my accommodation, so you know what to expect.

What accommodation am I in?

I live in Eastwood A, which is one of the cheaper accommodation choices on campus. Whilst it doesn’t have a separate lounge area or mood lighting like the Quads accommodation do, the rooms are of a good size and I personally think it is much better than most give credit for.

Eastwood is laid out like a house rather than a flat, which is an important point to consider because whether this suits you will depend on your preferences. Whilst bathrooms and showers are shared for this accommodation, you get a washbasin in your room for Eastwood A (not for Eastwood B) which I find is the most important part anyway.

What are the key characteristics of an Eastwood A house?

  • Shared bathrooms
  • Washbasins in bedroom
  • Up to 13 people in the house
  • One kitchen, combined with living space
  • 3 fridge/freezers and 2 ovens
  • 5-minute walk onto The Parade (the main stretch of campus)

I hope the video enables you to get a feel of life in Eastwood and helps when you make your accommodation choices.



Posted in: Accommodation, First year, School of Management

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  • Well, I think Eastwood A is not bad for a low cost accommodation