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Who am I?

Hi, my name is Jinita and I’m a first-year undergraduate student studying International Management and Spanish. I’m originally from Milton Keynes, which is around 2.5 hours from Bath. For A levels I studied Business, Spanish and French. At the end of Year 12, I decided to apply for the Discover Bath programme for Spanish, which is one of the best decisions I could have made.

Why did I decide to do the Discover Bath Programme?

As a Year 12 student your mind is all over the place, and if you’re anything like I was you’re probably asking yourself is Uni the right thing for you and what subject should I do? This is where Discover Bath helped me make my decision.

Discover Bath is a 4-day programme that allows you to gain an insight into what studying and living at the University Of Bath is like as a first year undergraduate student. You will be able to gain more knowledge in your subject area which may help you to decide whether the course or subject is right for you. It also gives you the opportunity to receive an alternative offer through completing the project after the programme.

I knew that I wanted to do something Spanish related for my degree and I loved the look of Bath from my research, but I kept asking myself if I’d be able to handle it. Therefore, applying to the Discover Bath programme was so useful to prepare myself for the Uni experience. Also, the chance to receive an alternative offer was an added bonus as it meant I had a bit of a safety net if I needed it. This programme was also a great experience to write about on my personal statement, which helped me to stand out from the crowd.

My Experience

The Spanish course was all about climate change, which was really interesting as it is such a relevant topic. We completed a wide range of activities which have provided me with valuable skills that I can use in the future. We filmed group videos about climate change, which included walking around the University to find things to film about, which also allowed us to discover the University. This also gave me the opportunity to make new friends and listen to different perspectives. I was also able to improve my confidence through presenting to the class. We also built on our vocabulary through fun activities. This has also proved valuable as I was able to learn new vocabulary and carry it through to University.

During the 4 days we were able to meet new people and discover the city of Bath. On the last day there was also a party in the Students' Union with a DJ. This was really fun as it allowed us to relax and have socialise together and experience the Students' Union. There was also non-related course information, including help on how to write a personal statement, which definitely helped me when the time came to write my statement. We were also given the opportunity to speak with current students studying the course. This was extremely useful as they helped to give me real details about the course from a student’s perspective.

My experience of the Discover Bath Programme was an indispensable opportunity that gave me a taster of university life and allowed me to build on my skills and stretch myself outside my comfort zone.

Firming Bath as my first choice

After having been on the Discover Bath Programme, I instantly knew that Bath was the right place for me. I loved the campus, the people, and the town but more importantly the course was the best one for me. Bath just felt so welcoming and I knew I could see myself studying there. Hence, I was so happy when I found out on results day that I had been accepted into the University.

Final word

I would highly recommend trying to complete a programme like this as it helps you gain valuable skills which you can use in the future, including stretching yourself outside of your comfort zone. It also gives you firsthand evidence on whether the Uni, course or subject is right for you.


Posted in: Discover Bath residentials

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