There's no doubt that exams are one of the most stressful times in a student's life. Hours of studying, revision and writing exams takes up a lot of energy both physically and mentally, but there is a way around everything. Taking care of yourself during these times is so rewarding and makes you feel less like a book zombie!

So I am here to give y'all my best tips for a relaxed mind and body that will surely ensure a smooth exam period.


Sitting on your desk for hours together can be more tiring than you perceive it to be and can make your body very stiff. Exercise serves as a great way for lifting your mood and bringing back focus to your studies (needless to mention, a much better alternative than scrolling on TikTok!). As much as we despise those intensive jump squats and push-ups, exercising daily for at least 30 minutes stimulates the mind and keeps you energized.

Moreover, you needn't bother with elaborate gym equipment. All you need is a mat's worth of space. I love doing Yoga, dancing/ cycling which gives me a good mix of physical activity. You can try any form of exercise that suits you the best and supplements your exam preparation.

Practicing yoga


Eating nutritional foods commonly known as brain foods such as fruits & vegetables, nuts, protein-based foods is known to boost memory and increase alertness. I know reaching out for a block of chocolate is much easier than reaching out for fruits but it's all about incorporating these into your diet, in interesting ways. For example, I like to have a cup of berries topped with healthy granola, to spice up a simple bowl of fruit.

Nourishing foods during exam time


Going by the saying, 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy', not giving yourself well deserved breaks may be counterproductive. For every hour or two of revision, reward yourself with an activity you love doing to avoid burning out. I like going on short walks amidst nature, to collect my thoughts during those busy times. Sleep is also vital especially the night before the exam, so ensure you have at least 7-8 hours of sleep for a bright start the next day!

Short walks by the nature


Visualizing is a helpful tool to remain optimistic about an exam. Manifest a paper/assignment that you know all the answers to and imagine yourself receiving good results after it. Using all your 5 senses to do this, makes this practice all the more powerful and subconsciously enforces confidence and positivity within you. Meditation also helps in staying calm and composed before an exam.


Having taken care of your well-being throughout revision time, I am sure you will be in a great position to tackle your exams! Remember to keep everything ready on the day of your exam including any revision notes, keeping your devices charged and ensuring you have a stable internet connection. Attempt your exam in a place free of distractions and keep your desk clean for clarity of the mind.

Exams can be challenging, but with the right mindset and incorporating physical and mental well-being practices, you will be fully ready to conquer them!

All the best to everyone for their forthcoming exams. I hope you find these tips useful and feel free to leave a comment below of what you like doing, to take care of your well-being during exam times!

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