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I am Abi, currently studying an MSc in Engineering Business Management. I have a background in Chemical Engineering, mainly focusing in CCUS and Low Carbon technology. I love working in sustainability and climate change fields regardless of the sector. I’ll be sharing the insights and experience I gain from the Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) I am currently working on.

With the University of Bath (UOB) pulling all the stops to use every resource at its disposal for the future of the people and the planet, I am extremely delighted to be part of this action and use my skills and experience to contribute to this VIP project and its potential impact.

What is a VIP?

A Vertically Integrated Project commonly referred to as a VIP is a project that focuses on a problem in any sector and students work in collaboration with senior staff, PHD students and even outside organisations sometimes to address it with innovative, environmentally impactful and realistic solutions. The UOB has multiple VIPs in different sectors working to make a monumental impact with the outcomes of the project and also provide students with a great learning experience.

A yellow tree on campus I think this beautiful picture of this tree would serve as a reminder that autumn is almost over, and I believe everyone would have noticed the weather is getting colder ! Which means its time to turn on the radiators and we know the price of heating on the environment and our wallets.

Hence, I opted to currently be part of the Decarbonising Heating project. I know the importance of heating in homes and the current economic situation endangering access to even essential facilities. I believe in the long run finding solutions to decarbonise heating and successfully integrating it with the current grid would not only make a significant positive impact on the environment but also make it more affordable and accessible for everyone.

What does it involve and aim to achieve?

Our specific VIP focuses on decarbonising heating for the Wells Cathedral and how renewable energy can be implemented to reduce their carbon footprint. With the right resources at its disposal, the Cathedral is collaborating with UOB to make their beautiful establishment and its operation carbon neutral.

We have a team of 6 students from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds. To maximize our productivity we split into 2 groups of 3 students and have been evaluating documents provided and focusing on renewable technologies that are viable. Since some of the biggest challenges with establishments built over 100 years ago are the emissions from renovations and energy usage, we have been exploring how to do this efficiently using environmental practices. We are also making initial evaluations on the project’s financial and economical (local policy, public opinion) viability but these would get the spotlight a bit later.

We currently have meetings on Tuesday evenings with our project supervisor, but the team also meets on Friday afternoon to research and discuss the tasks and any problems that arise.

Wells Cathedral (see reference below)

What do I get out of it?

I believe this project would be extremely insightful into the real world implications from implementing renewable technology in the energy sector. I am also extremely fond of climate change action and sustainable practices in businesses. With the team from diverse backgrounds I hope to learn a lot about other industries and also gain insightful ideas from their perspectives. The project also helps in improving my knowledge due to the research and analytical thinking required into multiple aspects of the project ranging from technology to policies.

We are in the early stages of the project and have not decided on our intended strategy. The team also has a kind invitation from the Bishop of Bath and Wells to visit the Wells Cathedral to gain a better understanding of the project’s requirements and intended outcomes. The team will  proceed with creative solutions that we finalize after our discussions in the coming weeks. If all goes well, I will hopefully be able to contribute to solving one of the biggest challenges faced currently in society ( on an extremely small scale though 😊 ).

Finally, I would love to hear from you guys on what you think about the project and if you would like to know more about it. I am also open to any suggestions regarding both the project and also my blogging 😊 . Hoping everyone has a great week!!


Reference for Pictures

Yellow Leaf Tree – It was taken by me 😊

Wells Cathedral -  John, M. (2018) Wells Cathedral - notable cathedrals, WorldAtlas. World Atlas. Available at: https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/wells-cathedral-notable-cathedrals.html (Accessed: November 17, 2022).


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