‘For it is not differences that immobilizes us, but silence. And there are so many silences to be broken’ – Audre Lorde.

I think the reason why all of us on the One Young World Bath team joined this project can be simply summarized by that quote. We all read the news. We all had the silent, raging battle fought from within as we witnessed the lack of administrative and international action to help those who need helping. We all yearn to bring about change. Often, there is a hopelessness. But conferences like these, they give hope for a better world. And the team that is currently helping bring about this hope definitely needs an introduction.









This year’s caucus, the seventh annual One Young World Bath, is being led by Michelle Hu and Madeleine Senior. Steadfast in their sail, they are tirelessly working on navigating this ship to its coast, a task that is by no means easy.

We have Iyanu Joseph leading the Relationships team, consisting of Mantsebeng Suzan Maepe, Man Jiang, Philippine Lesle and Loic Girardon. I see them consistently go through contact lists and cold calls, gathering an army of individuals who have changed the course of how the world works, and hopefully, how we think when we leave the event.









Nishita Jain is leading the Planning team with Aaron Smith, Anussha Narain, Ahmad Mahmood and Morgan Ma.  Everything that you will see at the caucus, from catering to ensuring your conferences rooms hold the necessary equipment for a transformational session.

The Marketing team, consisting of Emma Radeva, Elena Docheva, Punchanit Teptes, Vanda Sigel, Zainab Khan and me, Kirtana. Having worked with this team consistently, brainstorming ideas to increase engagement and interest, ensuring you, the reader, have all the information you need before attending the caucus.

The themes for this year's caucus are: Quality of Education, Sustainable cities and communities, and Good Health and Wellbeing. We meticulously brainstormed and settled on ideas that best reflected the focus of our generation and fields that require immediate actions that are constant.

The beauty of OYW Bath is its ability to introduce current changemakers to their torchbearers and watch ideas grow. And we can’t wait for you to experience what we are hope to build: a better world.

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