BSc Business at the University of Bath is a very multifaceted degree. If you are thinking of studying Business Management, but have been conflicted between the many options there are such as Management, Management with Marketing, Business, etc. keep reading as I will provide you with some insight into the differences between these courses.

The modules across all the courses under the School of Management (except Accounting and Finance) are quite similar, in fact, we share a lot of classes with each other, you can consult these here. The University of Bath School of Management is one of the leading business schools in the UK – something to be very proud of if you are here.

I decided I wanted to do Business/Management due to the large opportunities post-graduation. I was interested in a bit of everything, so I figured this was the ideal path for me, and I don’t regret it one bit!

The key difference is that the Business degree offers you two separate six-month placements, whereas other degrees offer one year-long placement to complete in your third year. This was the main reason I applied to this specific degree, as I wanted as much practical and hands-on experience as possible. Keep reading if you want to know my expectation vs the reality of the course.

1. Simplicity of Finding a Placement
Applying and interviewing for placements whilst studying was definitely not as easy as I hoped for. The placement team is very helpful; however, you must be searching proactively too. This is easier in first year when modules are not as content-heavy, but when searching for one in third year, you must be highly organised and dedicated. I definitely struggled to balance university work, applications, and a social life, something which non-Business students did not struggle with, since they search for a singular placement in second year. You must bear in mind the placement is only six months, starting anywhere from May-September in second year and February-March in third year, further complicating the hunt as the opportunities are quite limited.
However, I must say, having two placements is a great CV boost, having two corporate experiences is so attractive to employers post-graduation!

2. Final Year
Something very important to note (which I unfortunately didn’t!) is the structure of our final year. You will have the opportunity to go on an exchange during your first semester. The options are quite vast, ranging from Spain all the way to Australia. This is an amazing opportunity to travel and experience a new lifestyle, especially because it is temporary. If you don’t enjoy it, then that’s fine because you’ll be back in Bath within 6 months! We also have a final year project, alongside our five chosen modules, as opposed to other Management students, who have a ‘normal’ year. This is a consulting project in partnership with a company you find. Although you gain invaluable skills, it is something to keep in mind, if you’re highly organised and balanced, then this is no problem for you!

3. Social Life
From everyone I’ve spoken to, the BSc Business degree definitely is the most social! It is a very international dynamic, with people from all over the world. The course is quite tight nit as we all have a different structure from people outside of our course, making it quite relatable. We often have dinner parties, nights out, and a very special Management ball. If you become a Business peer mentor, you also have the opportunity to meet with fellow mentees for a coffee or pizza, and guide them through the course the way you get guided. The social life definitely did not disappoint.

All in all, the Business degree is structured differently from others, however, you gain the most experience and skills whilst still having the most amazing time.

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