10th of January, a year ago, my exchange journey began.


On that very day, I found out that I had been matched with Uni of Bath’s School of Management, for my semester abroad. Throughout the next 8 months, Uni of Bath guided me through course mapping, housing and other administrative work to make this dream of mine successful.


I missed multiple important events occurring during fresher’s week, due to major visa delays. However, both the School of Management International Relations Team as well as the University International Relations Office made sure that I was up to date with all matters and even planned a personalised induction for me. These gestures by the members of Uni of Bath are a few examples of the level of care provided to students, which was very heartening to me.

Big Ben, London, England   Uni of Bath Women’s Football

I joined the Uni of Bath Women’s Football 4s team, where I met amazing friends and made lasting memories. Socials was a whole new ball game that I thoroughly enjoyed - from PubGolf to Initiation and heading to Score afterwards, it was like nothing I had ever seen or imagined.

Uni of Bath Women’s Football 4s

Going to a football match was one of the top things on my bucket list and my footie friends made it happen as we ventured to Reading for the Reading VS Liverpool Women’s football game. I greatly appreciate UOBWFC’s hospitality throughout my time here - truly making it one for the books.

Reading VS Liverpool

With a drink in hand, FIFA on the screen and a chanting crowd, I couldn’t imagine anywhere else I would want to be! This was just another example of how the university provides venues where students can have access to a well-rounded experience. I can’t say I am a chant expert but I am surely a fan of the pub culture, and will most definitely try to continue with the same traditions back in Singapore!

   Englands 1st match in the 2022 FIFA world cup @ SU Bath

A semester abroad is not complete without travelling and I have been grateful to have had the opportunity to explore the United Kingdom and Europe.

Glendalough, Ireland   Weymouth - Jurassic Coast, England

Here's Ireland with new friends that I made in Bath, meeting my childhood bestie in Italy, a quick trip to Cardiff for some iconic Welsh cakes, an ambitious hike to the Jurassic coast and a solo trip down to Devon and Cornwall.

Rome, Italy   Cardiff, Wales

Bath’s convenient location made it easy to travel especially since London is less than 1.5 hours away by train.

Bath Skyline, England   Bath Abbey, England

But no matter how near or far I have travelled, Bath has been at the top of my list and will stay dear to my heart forever, through its tranquillity, beauty and its people. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to come to Uni of Bath for my semester abroad.

Ice skating with my exchange family   

A big shout out to all my friends in Bath for being my family for these precious 4 months and more to come.

  Weekly lunch with duckies at the lake

As my lessons come to a close this week, I will truly miss the campus - from weekly lunches with the ducks at the school’s fountain to navigating the East from the West. Thank you to all, especially my professors for making classes fun, interactive and knowledgeable.

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