Bath in Bloom: Free Ways to Enjoy Bath in Springtime

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Bath on Foot: Discovering the City's Hidden Gems

Royal Victoria Park

The stroll through Royal Victoria Park presents a charming journey through Bath's beautiful greenery. Situated a short walk from the city centre, the park is easily reachable, welcoming both locals and visitors seeking a peaceful getaway.

Abounding with vibrant flowerbeds in spring, tranquil ponds, and majestic trees, this scenic park sets the scene for a leisurely walk. Pause to appreciate the distant view of the iconic Royal Crescent, or better yet, find serenity on the inviting lawns with a leisurely picnic.

Bath Skyline Walk

A six-mile loop trail suitable for all abilities, it guides you through meadows, woodlands, and along the city's skyline. Starting and ending near Bathwick Hill, a stone's throw from Bath's city centre, visitors can easily access the starting point by foot, public transportation, or car.

Along the trail, panoramic views offer glimpses of Bath's architectural grandeur and the picturesque landscape beyond. Breathe in the crisp spring air as you wander past historic sites such as Sham Castle and Prior Park Landscape Garden.

Parade Gardens

This is the only walk that may require a small fee, but it's worth every penny, especially during the spring months when the flower beds are in full bloom. Meander through pathways lined with tulips, daffodils, and fragrant roses, and take in the sights and scents of the season. Keep an eye out for special events hosted in the gardens, such as art exhibitions and live music performances.

Bath to Bradford-on-Avon

If you're ready for a more extended outing on a sunny day, consider embarking on the 16km walk from Bath to Bradford-on-Avon alongside the canal. The pathway is adorned with holidaymakers aboard canal boats, offering a picturesque scene to enjoy. The route is straightforward to follow, making it an ideal way to while away an afternoon. Moreover, about 4km into the journey, you'll come across the charming village of Bathampton, where you can quench your thirst or satisfy your hunger at the delightful riverside pub, The Bathampton Mill. Upon arriving in Bradford-on-Avon you can hop on a direct 15-minute train back into Bath Spa Station.

Bath's Complimentary Calendar: Free Events for All

Free Walking Tour

If you fancy a walk with more information about the city, then you can immerse yourself in Bath's rich history and architectural splendor with a free walking tour offered by the Mayor's Honorary Guides. Led by knowledgeable volunteers, these tours provide fascinating insights into the city's heritage, from its Roman origins to its Georgian heyday. Wander past iconic landmarks like Bath Abbey, the Roman Baths, and Pulteney Bridge while listening to captivating tales of times gone by. Donations are appreciated but not required, making this an accessible and enriching experience for all.

Bath Fringe Festival

The Bath Fringe Festival is an annual celebration of creativity, diversity, and community spirit that adds vibrancy to the cultural landscape of the city. This eclectic festival, taking place between 24th May and 9th June 2024, showcases a diverse array of performances, exhibitions, and events across various artistic disciplines.

From live music and theatre to comedy, dance, and visual arts, the festival offers something for everyone, regardless of age or artistic preference. Venues throughout the city come alive with the energy of talented performers, both local and international, who come together to share their creativity and passion with audiences for a small fee or free of cost!

Bath Artisan Market

Situated in the heart of Bath, specifically at Green Park Station, these markets occur every second and third Sunday of the month, running from 10am to 4pm. As you wander through the market, you'll experience a delightful sensory journey, encountering a rich tapestry of sights, sounds, and scents emanating from the stalls brimming with artistic offerings. From exquisitely crafted pottery to delectable homemade treats, there's something to captivate every palate and preference. Whether you're on the hunt for a distinctive souvenir, a special gift for a loved one, or simply eager to show support for local artisans, the Bath Artisan Market beckons as the ideal destination. Immerse yourself in its lively ambiance, lend your support to the local creative community, and take home a piece of Bath's artisanal charm.

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