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Covering a patch as large as all the different areas that you wonderful members of staff travel-in from on a daily basis can prove to be quite a challenge.

The Comms Mystic Meg ball (which we don't have) needs to be able to zone into a Matrix style world where we can see all the day's heavy traffic, random roadworks which pop up, the traffic lights not working, Mr Farmer's sheep which are blocking the A46 (OK we exaggerate) and more, in order to keep you fully updated with why you may not make that 8.30am meeting.

However we're pleased to announce that we have found a solution! provides email traffic alerts, for any area you select.

It's really simple to use, click on the link above, search for the area you want to display in the top right search bar, and then (as below) choose to receive email alerts. You can select to receive a variety of things, and you can receive the alerts daily. You can also pop on the website before you leave to/from work to see the live traffic .

Give it a go and let us know what you think and remember to keep us informed of anything major popping up which may affect others' journey.


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Posted in: Planned road works, Road closures