GWR timetable changes took place this week

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GWR have asked us to pass on some information regarding timetable changes in the area which took place this week:

"Today saw the start of our new timetable; which has been 10 years in the making following major investments in brand new trains and modernised infrastructure.


This included SuperFast non stop services on some routes, improved frequency and better timing for others, and it meant thousands more seats, up to 10,000 more in the morning peak into Paddington.


Overall the timetable worked well. It wasn’t perfect as there were problems in the morning caused by failed signalling equipment on the main line into Paddington. This led to delays and cancellations.  We have apologised to customers and as with any infrastructure delay we will be reviewing the root cause and the time it took to repair.  It was very disappointing that this coincided with the start of the new timetable and very frustrating for our customers, some of whom faced long delays and crowded services.


However, despite the problems, the new timetable is now operational. We would not have reached this important milestone without the help and support of our partners and stakeholders, so we just wanted to close the day by saying thank you for being part of this historic moment in the life of Great Western Railway.


Yours sincerely


Mike and Mark


Mike Gallop | Managing Director Western | Network Rail

Mark Hopwood | Managing Director | Great Western Railway"

Posted in: Public transport