Transdisciplinary Engineering at AU Vegas

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Prof. Ben Hicks and Dr. James Gopsill represented the team at AutoDesk University where they discussed the opportunities of Transdisciplinary engineering and what it means in the context of the Design & Manufacture toolchain. This was well received and synergies were identified with the importance of the Digital Twin as an enabler for Transdisciplinary engineering.

Challenges surrounding the ability to provide tools that interface with the digital twin in harmony and are able to synchronise the work of all the disciplines involved in the project were identified. In addition, the traditional check-in/out data management strategy for product models was highlighted as a barrier in supporting concurrent working between multiple disciplines and new strategies should be researched to overcome this.

We also met up with Georgia Tech Assistant Professor Cassandra Telenko who is developing new tools to provide real-time sustainability assessments to the designer as they work within the CAD environment. An interesting idea of how to embed discipline knowledge within the design process.

A fantastic event all round and we can't wait to present again.

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