UK Research Council call for Transdisciplinary approaches within Engineering

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A recent call from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) is offering up to £12 million under its Manufacturing the Future Theme, to fund a portfolio of Future Manufacturing Systems research. Under the ‘Exploratory’ stream it looks to supports interdisciplinary research teams to develop a deeper understanding of a research idea, and push collaboration and fusion of the research approaches towards a transdisciplinary approach (Link). The EPSRC is one of the seven UK Research Councils which looks to fund world-leading research and postgraduate training across the engineering and physical sciences. Their focus is on building the knowledge and skills base needed to address scientific and technological challenges and provides a platform for future UK prosperity by contributing to a healthy, connected, resilient, productive nation.

The EPSRC recognise that tackling research of this nature requires integrating knowledge and methods from different disciplines and viewpoints, using a real synthesis of approaches. To enable long-term, productive collaborations between researchers from engineering and physical science disciplines and beyond, a common understanding of the challenges and their potential solutions needs to be generated. Building upon the research we have carried out as part of TREND, The University of Bath has submitted a bid for £2.7M, to fund a four year research project. We will hear whether we have been shortlisted in January 2020

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