International Transdisciplinary Conference, Gothenburg, Sweden

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Transdisciplinarity has many different communities and approaches. We stand to learn a lot from different ways of thinking. Our aim at this conference was to gain an appreciation for the philosophy, methods, tools, problems, and overall approaches to transdisciplinarity from the td-net community. This year, the International Transdisciplinary Conference was held in Gothenburg, Sweden. The picturesque and vibrant city is home to the University of Gothenburg, who hosted a very successful event with many fascinating presentations. The breadth of problems being presented offered different perspectives to the ones we see in Engineering, ranging from the ethical considerations of knowledge preservation to discussions on transdisciplinary methodologies.

As with most conferences, it was the discussions the various individuals in between the presentations that provided the most interesting insight as we were able to discuss the state of the research in greater detail.

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