WIRC @ Bath is now a member of the Watershare® community

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Watershare® is based on the concept of sharing water knowledge and experience amongst the members of its community. This knowledge is shared by models and methods that are available to the members as user-friendly tools. They have been successfully applied in practice and demonstrated in case studies. Members can also develop their own tools and add them to the suite, with advice and feedback from the other members. This creates a continuous knowledge sharing and improvement process that can lead to a further productive collaboration within the community.

watershare-bannerWIRC @ Bath is now a gold member of the Watershare® community. The community consists of 11 highly reputable water research institutes in The Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, Belgium, Singapore, South Korea, Germany and Sweden. The goal is to apply water knowledge through a global network of knowledge institutes and help to find solutions to water problems of local end users.

The Watershare® Suite includes a variety of tools for applications in Water Resources, Water Treatment, Distribution, Water Quality and Health and Sustainability. As a Gold Member WIRC @ Bath has the right to use five tools freely and upload one tool to the suite. We have selected four tools in the area of Distribution: Mains Investment Planning, Network Flow Performance, Optivalves and Water-Use Info.  These tools are supplemental to our current research and address two very important topics for the UK Water industry.

Furthermore we have access to a tool to assess sustainability of cities: City Blueprint. With this tool we can expand our research on sustainable cities.

At the moment we don’t have our own tool yet, but with continuous growth of our water research and the WISE CDT, we are confident that we can deliver a contribution to the Watershare® Suite as well.

In the autumn we will organise a small workshop on Watershare® and showcase the possibilities and benefits of being a member.

For more information please contact Prof Jan Hofman.

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