NextGen – Towards a next generation of water systems and services for the circular economy

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The demand for water, energy and resources is growing rapidly in the world. To sustain economic growth, the principles of circular economy have to be adopted, otherwise sooner or later we will be running sufficient resources for our daily life, and the food and goods we use.

NextGen is a new, €10M+, European project, funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, which aims at demonstrating circular economy principles and the role of the water cycle. NextGen aims to boost sustainability and bring new market dynamics.

The core of the project are 10 large scale demonstration cases in eight different EU countries. The cases will demonstrate technology, such as advanced treatment technologies, nature-inspired storage solutions. The programme around these sites will be used to build capacity, by engaging with relevant stakeholders.

Because everything we own or consume has a water footprint and our every act depends on it, the project is also designed to be ‘circular’ in its consultation of citizens and stakeholders. NextGen will aim to energise and engage others to participate in the design and assessment of selected solutions. This includes co-designing new technologies through local Living Lab structures and taking a leadership role in collaboration platforms and events. Serious games will be used to envisage and test applications and augmented reality applications developed to increase the learning value and understanding of what the demonstrated solutions can achieve.

The project will be led by KWR Watercycle Research Institute in the Netherlands, with 29 other partners, including the University of Bath (WIRC and IPR). We will work with YTL Developments in one of the demonstration cases: the Filton Airfield Development. YTL is developing a whole new and sustainable living and business area. The project aims at incorporating circular economy concepts around water energy and nutrients.

The project kick-off meeting will be on 10 and 11 September in The Netherlands.

For more information please contact Professor Jan Hofman.

Posted in: NextGen


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