The first Whorrod Inspirational Engineering Christmas Event

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Jenny Cane and WESBath Committee
Jenny Cane, speaker at the 2014 WESBath Christmas lecture with the WESBath Committee

Ever wondered where your engineering future could take you?

The student Women's Engineering Society (WES) were honoured to host the first Whorrod Inspirational Engineering Christmas Event at the University of Bath, including a lecture delivered by the inspirational Jenny Cane. The WES committee owe many thanks and would not have formed without the amazing support of Roger and Sue Whorrod, whom also attended the event along with Sarah Stead and Irene Turner who coordinated the whole event, Dawn Bonfield, a University of Bath alumni who is the current President of the national Women’s Engineering Society, the Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Kevin Edge, the University Secretary Mr Mark Humphriss, the Dean of the Faculty of Design and Engineering Professor Gary Hawley and other senior members of academic staff. We initiated the event with a buffet lunch for our senior guests and then proceeded to the lecture theatre to listen to Jenny Cane's incredible life story. Jenny Cane has undoubtedly experienced a diverse and exciting career since her MEng in Aerospace Engineer at the University of Bath. Jenny then went on to study for a PhD in Aerodynamics & Heat Transfer at Oxford University. It was Jenny’s predominant intrigue in climate change and renewable energy which then lead her to utilise her engineering skills in a career with the world’s largest manufacturer of wind turbines – Vestas. Following on from this, Jenny then went on to specialise in Nuclear Fusion as a renewable source of energy, at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE). During the lecture, we were able to hear of Fusion and the many benefits it entails: no carbon emissions, creates no long term nuclear waste, uses an abundant fuel source and is intrinsically safe, all ideal for an increasingly energy and sustainability conscious world. Not only has Jenny succeeded in what would be regarded as an extremely respectable and remarkable career, she also highlighted her aspiration and confidence to succeed in whatever her heart desired, regardless of being a female engineer within a male-dominated environment. After the lecture, guests were then lead on to the 4E e-lounge to network with each other over some festive treats. Pictures to follow soon...

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