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  • Gender imbalance in science

    Have a look at this short film. . It's crazy to think there is still great gender imbalance (a very polite term) in science in 2013.  But there is. Edinburgh Chemistry are and have done great things to address key...

  • Silicon Lab Bakeout / Safari

    As the building stage of the new Si lab chamber draws to a close, there is a final step - bakeout (info) - build an oven around your system and cook it for a few days. This process removes any...

  • Lab photoshoot

    Adrian Hooper kindly did his photographer bit yesterday and took some snaps of the group and the lab. Here they are. Be warned I have gone a wee bit OTT with some photo editing.

  • OMG it's graphene!

    A combination of Trivial Transfer Graphene and a lot of work, here is Kristina's second image, lovely graphene!

  • First STM images for Kristina

    After about a year of hard work we finally have the Omicron LT-Q+ working at 77 K with a Q+ tip (albeit in STM mode). Here are some raw examples of the first images we have taken.

  • New on-line stuff

    You can now, if you so desire, find me on: Google scholar link and ResearcherID

  • New liquid nitrogen ves­sels

    Welcome to group TPV-200. May you work hard and keep the Q+ cold. Update: the vessel is full, and the Q+ is cold. Let's see if the microscope works on Monday. Update 2: The Q+ is at 77K.

  • BBC News - Carry on camping - can a week under canvas reset our body clocks?

    BBC News - Carry on camping - can a week under canvas reset our body clocks?. Well I think I kind of knew this. The last time I had a week or more camping was before going to Polanyi's lab...

  • Official Graphene lab opening

    Official University News. ... Dr Peter Sloan, Lecturer in Physics added: “With the nano-factory, we can also build up bespoke atomic-scale structures one atom at a time to link with the stencilled devices, making our new microscope world-leading. Not only...

  • Buy the book!

    In hardback or on Kindle, a great read especially chapter 5, only £89 from Amazon (free P & P)