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Gender imbalance in science


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Have a look at this short film.


It's crazy to think there is still great gender imbalance (a very polite term) in science in 2013.  But there is. Edinburgh Chemistry are and have done great things to address key issues. Here at Bath the University is trying a few things. Here in Physics at Bath we're aiming to change things at the Departmental level to not only make the Department a better place for female physicists to work, but for all physicists to work. To this end we are about to apply for a Bronze Athena SWAN award (the, we're a bit rubbish (as is everyone else) but at least we know it and we're making plans, level). We'll soon be finishing our first draft of our application that includes al our hard statistics, but here, for you, is our Bath Physics leaky pipeline. I hope it'll look better in the future.




Silicon Lab Bakeout / Safari

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As the building stage of the new Si lab chamber draws to a close, there is a final step - bakeout (info) - build an oven around your system and cook it for a few days. This process removes any water or pesky hydrocarbons inside the chamber.

As with anything in experimental physics, there are 2 ways of achieving bakeout: the expensive (or 'Graphene Centre') way, or the funny way.

And this is the most flattering angle.


BBC News - Carry on camping - can a week under canvas reset our body clocks?


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BBC News - Carry on camping - can a week under canvas reset our body clocks?.

Well I think I kind of knew this. The last time I had a week or more camping was before going to Polanyi's lab in Canada (and also just before getting married).  I found that it took about a week to get into the camping groove and forget about home worries, also about a week to relax and just enjoy the walking, (minimal) chatting and walking.

NB: My tent's a Terra Nova (not pictured)



Official Graphene lab opening


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Official University News.
... Dr Peter Sloan, Lecturer in Physics added: “With the nano-factory, we can also build up bespoke atomic-scale structures one atom at a time to link with the stencilled devices, making our new microscope world-leading. Not only will we make prototypes of unique graphene-based devices, but we can also really play around with some exciting fundamental physics.”