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MCQs and Deep Learning Workshop: A Possible Fix?

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Since the rise of MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) as forms of assessment, the pros and cons of utilising this tool have been discussed in regards to effective student learning. The LITEbox team is delighted to be hosting a workshop, with two of the UK's leading figures in the field of assessment through MCQs, on Tuesday 9 May 2017 starting at 1.45 pm until 4.00 pm in 3 East 2.1.

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It is widely agreed that MCQs reduce marking time, making it an ideal strategy for large cohorts of students, however the potential superficial manner of learning combined with time investment to populate the questionnaires, can make this effort seem less worthwhile.

Prof Anthony Gardner-Medwin (University College London, Physiology) and Dr Steve Draper (University of Glasgow, Psychology), two of the leading figures in the field of assessment through MCQs in the UK, will join us to discuss what features make a multiple choice quiz effective, and if there are particular ways of designing MCQs to test/enhance deeper learning, without compromising the students’ experience. In particular, Prof Gardner-Medwin’s talk will focus on the advantages of MCQs with Certainty-Based Marking, predominantly in relation to summative assessment; while Dr Draper’s talk will focus on the advantages of Peer-Wise (student-authoring) MCQs, in relation to formative assessment and deep learning.

This workshop is being run as part of the LITEbox initiative and arises from a project funded by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Teaching Development Fund. This project is exploring the wider role that new and existing technologies can play in supporting teaching and learning techniques in the classroom that enable students to engage with the public and other communities.

The details of the event are as follows:

Date: Tuesday 9 May 2017
Time: 13:45 – 16:00 (including refreshments on arrival and a 30 minute Q&A session)
Location: 3 East 2.1

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Find out more about the event (PDF)


A Night at the Movies: Exploring the Innovative Use of Film in Learning in Teaching


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Date: Tuesday 19th April 2016
Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Venue: The Edge Theatre

Please register a space from this website.

The award-winning documentary film, New Generation Queens, will be shown for the first time to a UK audience, in this LITEbox initiative.

About the event

We are delighted to welcome the film’s director, Megan Shutzer to The Edge, to take part in a post-screening panel discussion along with the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) and academic staff and students from across the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences.

The event, the first of its kind at the University, provides a unique collaborative opportunity for staff and students to discuss how film can enrich the student learning experience, and serve as an important platform for social change.

This event is supported by LITEbox and funded by the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences’ Teaching Development Fund.

For more information please visit the news listing.

Watch the trailer



Megan Shutzer
Dr Darragh McGee
Dr Emma Rich
A BSc Sport & Social Science student(s) (to be confirmed)


Linked Event: Exploring Augmented Reality

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Date: Wednesday 27 January 2016
Time: 12.15pm - 2.05pm
Venue: CB 3.6

Please send an email RSVP to Dan White, LTEO to confirm attendance.

During this lunchtime workshop and showcase session, run by LTEO, you will hear from colleagues across the institution about their experiences using augmented reality (AR) and explore how they have used it to support teaching and learning projects.

The talks from the speakers will be followed by a small showcase event where you will be able to interact with the different AR initiatives currently being explored, supporting marketing activities in different Faculties, the annual Images of Research event and location-based AR.

Photo of augmented reality in use

Augmented reality in use
Image by Kippelboy


Linked Event: Introduction to development with ASP.NET MVC

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Employability skills training: Introduction to development with ASP.NET MVC

Date: Friday 20 November 2015
Time: 13:15 - 14:05

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This session run by David Ringsell covers the basics of web development in Microsoft’s MVC which is widely used for industrial strength applications. MVC applications offer a clean separation of concerns between the business-logic, web pages and the controller. Microsoft ASP.NET MVC offers Web developers all the benefits of MVC allied with all the power of the .NET platform.

David Ringsell is the Founder of TalkIT, which provides customised training courses plus e-learning. David is also an experienced trainer and consultant providing a wide range of support in Visual Studio and SQL Server. An MSPD (web) & MCSD.


e-Learning Seminars


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In conjunction with the e-Learning team, Learning & Teaching Enhancement Office (LTEO), we are pleased to announce four new events in our LITEbox spaces.

This series will include workshops and seminars across a variety of disciplines, from enhancing Moodle courses and inspiring innovation to digital assessment tools and techniques. Harnessing the expertise and specialisms within the institution, workshops will be facilitated by the e-Learning team whilst also drawing on the skills and expertise of academics and practitioners at the forefront of e-Learning technology.

Below are descriptions or each event, also available from e-Learning.

For more information or to reserve a space, please email Dan White, e-Learning Administrator.


Linked Event: Improve your presentation skills


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Employability skills training: Improve your presentation skills (Students' Union)

Date: Thursday 26 November 2015
Time: 18:15 - 19:45
Venue: 8W 1.28

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Have you ever experienced an engaging presentation which left a lasting memory? Did you wonder if you could do the same in front of an audience? Being able to deliver an effective presentation is a valued skill in the workplace and can really boost your confidence. Come along to this session, delivered by our Student Trainers, to gain practical skills on designing effective PowerPoint slides and crafting your presentation. You will then be given the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice.

Previous participants have said:

  • "I will use my new skills in my next presentation; using customised visual aids"
  • "Really useful for my future presentations and assessment centres"

If you would like to improve your blogging skills, come out our next event, linked event with the Students' Union on 17 November 2015.


LITEbox/Students' Union Event: Blogging is for pros

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Date: Tuesday 17 November 2015
Time: 6.15pm - 7.45pm
Venue: CB 5.13

There are a few spaces reserved on the door, so please turn up if you would like to attend.

Whether marketing new products, showing customers behind-the-scenes to build trust, or keeping your workforce informed, blogging is a mainstay of corporate communications. While anyone can start a blog, not everyone can make a success of it, and blogging skills are a much sought after commodity by employers.

In this session, the different uses of blogging in a corporate context will be explored and some best practice tips for blogging success will be shared using real-world examples of what works. Subjects will include content design, editing, engaging with audiences, and evaluation. This session is about communication principles, platforms and skills needed by everyone from technologists to generalists. These are timeless ways of thinking about communication with everyday applications.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to identify different types of blogging used in a corporate communications context, understand the skills required to manage a blog, and set objectives for an effective corporate blog.

Ross Ferguson is currently Head of Digital for the University of Bath, and formerly Product Manager for the Foreign & Commonwealth blog platform and author of blogging and social media guidance for UK Civil Service.


Linked Event: Managing your online profile


📥  Linked Event, Students' Union

Employability skills training: Managing your online profile (Students' Union)

Date: Thursday 3 December 2015
Time: 18:15 - 19:45
Venue: 8W 1.28

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Ever wondered how to avoid the pitfalls of being too "exposed" online? Or wanted to learn about how to profile yourself better through websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter? Through attending this workshop, you will learn how to showcase your talents in the best possible way, as well as considering the scale of your digital footprint – and the impact of this when you start job hunting.

At the end of this session you should be able to distinguish between online professional and social identities, use social media effectively to present a professional online identity and learn how to identify and manage your online digital identity.

Did you know that the Students' Union also provides various technology related skills training including Microsoft Word, Excel and Access?  Have a look for yourself to see what is on offer.


Linked Event: Learning and Teaching with Simulation Games and Role Play: drawing on expertise in Politics and Social Sciences

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Date: Thursday 11th June

Time: 10.00am - 11.30am

Venue: 1WN 2.4

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences have an event in a few weeks time:

Dr Simon Usherwood (Surrey) will be running a workshop that explores and explains how you can use simulation games and role plays in your classroom teaching. Dealing with issues including how to design your own simulation game and maximise the benefits of this pedagogy, the workshop will equip you with all the necessary tools to bring something new to your classroom, as well as giving you an opportunity to play a couple of simulation games yourself.

Simon will draw on his extensive experience on using and writing about simulation games, which he has used with a wide range of student groups. Together with his wider expertise in learning & teaching, he is well-placed to discuss how simulations can form an integrated part of an enriched learning environment for students. More information about his work can be found at

Refreshments provided.

Please contact Hannah Cook <> to book a place.