Campus travel updates

Updates for everyone travelling to the University of Bath

Road closures in the local area over the next two months


📥  Road closures

Several roads in BaNES will be closed for resurfacing at some point between 23 May - 23 July. Currently we do not have the information on which roads will be closed on which dates, but only one road will be shut at a time:

  • Wilmington Hill
  • Colliers Lane
  • A39 Wells Road
  • B3355 Paulton Road
  • Claverton Down Road
  • Stockwood Lane
  • Cameley Road

For more information please contact the council or visit their website.


New arrival in Arrivals Square


📥  Public transport

The new Arrivals Square building is now complete and in operation.

The expansion and extensive refurbishment has created a new welcome point, staffed by Steve King, the University’s Transport Manager, where you can tap into his detailed knowledge of local bus and train services, including up to date arrival and departure times.


Steve King, the University’s Transport Manager, has detailed knowledge of local bus and train services

Alongside Steve are three new digital displays which show the scheduled arrival time of every campus bus.

90% of the U1 service now has GPS locators and the 20 service is fully equipped, with the U18, X18 and U10 currently upgrading, so the displays can continually update with the most accurate arrival times.

The building also boasts new washrooms, with a parent and baby room and disabled accessible facility alongside a standard washroom, all of which are unisex.

Steve will be available 8am to 6:30pm every weekday, except Tuesday and Wednesday when it is 2:30-6:30pm, so pop over to see him in his new home and get the very latest local travel news in person.

Steve Egan, Vice-President (Implementation), said: “It’s great to see further development of the travel services to campus to complement the increased frequency of buses and 24/7 service on the U1.

“Travelling between campus and the City has dramatically improved, thanks to a lot of hard work by colleagues and our former Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Kevin Edge.

“This is particularly important as we increase our presence at Manvers Street, and something I can appreciate personally as a regular bus user.”


West car park access, Friday 22 April

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📥  Car parking on campus

The roadway by the 10 West entrance is being resurfaced on Friday 22 April from 7am - 5pm. During this time the pedestrian route from the car park to the University will be diverted via the 10W steps and along past 8W. An accessible route avoiding the steps will be signposted.

We apologise for any inconvenience.


Update: Parking on campus during Departmental Open Days


📥  Car parking on campus

April is the final month in which we are holding Departmental Open Days on campus. They are on the following days:

  • Wednesday 6 (six departments)
  • Thursday 7 (two departments)
  • Wednesday 13 (five departments)
  • Thursday 14 (one department)
  • Wednesday 20 (five departments)

Please be aware that on the dates with more departments participating parking on campus may become challenging.

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