December 2020 Update

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Dear Reader,

It has been a strange year for all of us. I am writing this with the hope of ending the academic term with some positivity, for I have good news to share.

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First of all, my motivation is back! A combination of fortnightly meetings with my supervisors and some recent tips on how not to procrastinate have helped me work more effectively at home. Personally, I have found the troughs and peaks of being a doctoral student more extreme this year, so I am glad to have reclaimed my motivation.

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You may remember I mentioned that I submitted a couple of papers for review earlier this year. Well, the review period has been and gone, our rebuttals were written and... of the papers was accepted!


That means I will be busy over the next few weeks making the changes we promised we would, before submitting the final manuscript. Keep an eye out for updates!

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After the paper has been sent off, I can turn my focus back to the last stages of my research project. I will start the new year by finishing up the plans for my online interviews, the last bout of data collection for my project. I will also start drafting my thesis, which I have started thinking more about after picking up some helpful hints at a 'How to write your thesis' masterclass I attended earlier this week.

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I am looking forward to getting started on putting all my work together in 2021. That said, I am also looking forward to a restful break before 2021 starts! I hope you enjoy a chance to relax too.

Stay safe and be kind this festive season.

With warm wishes,


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Posted in: EngD, Updates

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