A Commitment to Blogging

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Before I started writing this blog, I was given advice on how best to curate online content. I remember being told about blogs that start off with oodles of energy that just lose steam as time goes by. This is my third blog post of 2021... in the fourth month of the same year. I seem to have fallen into the very trap I was warned against, and it's for a number of reasons. I hinted at some of these back in January, including:

  • lack of motivation;
  • working from home not being glitzy and glamorous enough to share; and
  • being involved in various activities that aren't linked with this blog's content.

However, more recently I have come to realise that, the fact of the matter is, I have just got out of the habit of regularly writing posts. And that's my bad.

In the final months of my EngD journey, I am determined to pump some steam back into my blog. In the following months, you can expect blog posts with:

  • Information about recruitment for my final study;
  • A preview of my CHI 2021 paper and presentation;
  • An overview of my CHI 2021 experience, as a presenter and an attendee;
  • Updates on my thesis writing, including sneak peaks into results of my previous studies; and
  • Insight into where my EngD path has led me and my plans for the next academic year.

There will be other posts scattered about between these, but as a starter for ten, I hope this publicly announced commitment to creating content will generate some renewed interest in my blog. Hold me to it!


Posted in: EngD, Research Project, Updates


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