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As promised some data from the Athena SWAN Surveys. Just to remind you all, two surveys were undertaken one for Academic & Teaching and one for research staff.  The majority of the questions were similar, however, we did ask specific questions aimed at ascertaining the key wishes/needs for research staff.

In the Academic Staff Survey, 384 (45%) of staff from the email lists completed the survey. For the research staff survey, which included, KTP staff, casual researchers, research staff (research officers, assistants, fellows and officers) and research staff employed through JobLink. 20% of staff on the email lists completed the survey.

The following links provide you with the breakdown of the Faculties/Schools for the staff who completed the survey.

Academic Staff by Faculty Completion Data


I will upload the full quantitative results in my next blog.

The qualitative analysis is currently being undertaken by researchers who specialise in this type of analysis.  The full report is due by the middle of January 2017 and the findings from the analysis will be published.


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