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Thank you to everyone who assisted with our University Athena SWAN Bronze renewal submission.

It was a tremendous team effort and I would like to thank everyone, including the University Self-Assessment Team (USAT), University Executive and Vice-Chancellor's Group. In particular, special thanks to Dr Caroline Harris for all her work in completing the submission.

In a supporting letter to endorse the application, the Vice-Chancellor outlined the significant advances we have made since our last submission in terms of representation and departmental AS engagement:

  • 33% of Associate Deans and 38% of the Vice-Chancellor’s Group are female, significantly higher than the proportion of women in senior academic posts;
  • our influential committees achieved between 33% and 57% women members;
  • there has been an increase in the proportion of female professors, from 10% in 2012/13 to 15% in February 2017;
  • we have exceeded our target of having eight departments achieve Bronze departmental AS awards by 2016;
  • our first departments are working towards Silver awards.

As part of the consultation process we received comments from Faculties, Departments and individual staff members. All of the feedback has resulted in an action plan that is aimed at accelerating the success of our activities. In particular, it tackles the challenge of increasing the proportion of women in some discipline areas and in some senior roles through approaches that will be applied equally where men are under-represented.

Dame Glynis said: "We fully support the AS Charter principles and have been making steady progress. Our new AS action plan launches our swifter trajectory towards the goal of gender equality and I am confident that its implementation will deliver change at a faster pace than we have achieved to date."

So, now we have submitted the application – the real work starts. The USAT met on 28 May to commence our implementation plan. We will keep you updated on how things are progressing!

I hope you have time to read the full submission online.

Remember the USAT welcomes input at any time. If you have thoughts, comments or ideas, please email us at

Professor Linda Newnes
USAT Chair

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