Gender differences in promotable vs non-promotable tasks

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Three months ago Department of Education submitted for their very first Athena Swan Bronze award. While they're awaiting an outcome and a green light to start action plan implementation, their Departmental Self Assessment Team (DSAT) Chair Dr Rita Chawla-Duggan began looking at one of the items DSAT identified in their application - perceptions of gender differences in busy vs valued work. Since then, ED&I Officer (Aiste), DSAT Chair (Rita), DSAT members (Janina Iwaniec and Andrea Abbas) and co-Chair of Equality and Diversity Network (Lizzi Milligan) have met to discuss the roots of this issue and next steps. We're now pleased to share a self-guided resource aimed to introduce findings from a number of research papers that have been published over the years. USAT and ED&I team (led by Marion Harney and Georgina Brown respectively) will continue to raise awareness of the issues highlighted in this guide, and we'll share further updates and developments soon.

Self-learning guide

The virtual guide presents an overview of various studies around gender differences in promotable vs non-promotable tasks, emotional labour, and the impact these differences have on career progression, health and wellbeing of women. The guide is intended to be an informative,  easy-to-read and thought-provoking resource aimed at driving your interest in this topic. Last slides on 'Sources' and 'Further reading' provide an opportunity for those interested to find out more and explore further studies and social experiments conducted within this area of research.

If you have any questions or want to share feedback about this guide, please feel free to email Aiste at

Posted in: University Athena SWAN


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