8W Teaching Rooms - New AV equipment functions

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Over the summer the AV equipment in the classrooms has been renewed, and the rooms refurbished.

There are quite a few new inclusions:

Most of the lectern tops follow this design below - Where there is a preview monitor in the upstand. This will show you what is coming out of the projector, and displayed on the projection screen.

The PC monitor is also a touch screen - and also has a pen stylus (to be able to write on the screen) which slides in and out of the bottom corner of the screen.



Inside the lectern, there are some more changes.....
Each lectern now has the whiteboard accessories stored in a tray inside the lectern:


On the lectern tops, there is a full HD visualiser:


The head of the visualier is fully movable (the stem is a gooseneck). The main controls are on the base - zoom, lamp on and off, focus, and on/off.

Finally, each one of the lecterns now has a power socket on the side (under one side of the lectern top), to allow for laptops and portable devices to be plugged in.


There are a set of visits planned for next week - if anyone would like to come and look at the new setups.


Posted in: Design Build Advise, Equipment, Furniture, News, Systems


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