Summer Upgrades

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This summer, we are rebuilding many of the teaching spaces.

Full rebuilds (Furniture, Decoration, Equipment):

  • 1E
  • 2E (but not 3.1)
  • 3WN
  • 4E (not 3.38)

Equipment refresh & Decoration:

  • 5W
  • Council Chamber

Equipment Refresh

  • 4W
  • 6W

1E3.6, 4E2.56 and 4E3.5 will become twin projector rooms - so you can show 2 sources side-by-side.

3WN2.1 will be fitted with camera tracking (similar to University Hall).

These rooms are being upgraded to the latest AV Specification. They are also being fully rewired to give the latest standard of cabling.

From the start of the new academic year, all of these rooms will be equipped with a full set of digital interfaces, so any form of laptop can be plugged in.

The rooms will have a full lecture capture interface, so that anything the students see on the projection screens or displays will be captured.

An addition to that, the rooms are also getting Apple and Miracast display sharing devices - so you will be able to present from a tablet or latest model laptop wirelessly.

Please contact us if you would like to know any more details.

Posted in: Design Build Advise, Equipment, Projects, Spaces


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