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With the rising cost of living, it’s not surprising that many students are having to make their money stretch further. As students, we often have a limited source of income, with many of us needing to supplement our student loans with part-time jobs. But what if that isn’t enough? Here are a few tips to make your money go further.   

1. Food shop in the evenings  

Many shops, cafes, and supermarkets put out reduced produce out in the evening before closing because it can no longer be displayed on the shelves. This is a good way to get produce at a lower price than it is usually sold for, which may reduce your shopping bill or help you get some nicer products than you would usually be able to budget for! Some examples in Bath city centre include Itsu, M&S, Tesco and Lidl. 

2. Download your favourite store’s/ restaurant’s apps and earn rewards  

If you download apps for stores and restaurants such as Starbucks, Costa or H&M you can collect ‘points’ which can accumulate so that you can earn rewards. These can include free drinks, money off towards your next spend or discounts for your next purchase. This is a great way to get some free food and cheaper clothes (every student’s dream!). 

3. Don’t buy unnecessary books for your course!   

Often you will be able to find the textbooks and books you need for your course on the Bath Library. In the first few weeks of the year older students may try and sell you their textbook, but double check with others on your course and your lecturers first. If you don’t need to buy anything then you can save yourself a lot of money!   

 4. Try the 1p challenge   

Last year I tried the 1p challenge to save up a bit of money. Basically, on the first day you save 1p, on the second day you save 2p, on the third day you save 3p, etc. After 365 days you’ve saved £650. This will come in handy if you need to make an emergency purchase at some point, or if you’re running low on cash. 

Posted in: Money, Wellbeing


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