The Christmas Crunch - Showing your Family & Friends you care on a budget

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As the festive season creeps in closer and Mariah Carey starts to defrost, it may dawn on a few of you that it's time to start thinking about affording Christmas. Traditionally Christmas can be somewhat expensive and it can leave you wondering how you're going to afford gifts this year. A good idea is to budget before the festive season hits, we find this budgeting calculator from BlackBullion useful for that.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to show your Friends and Family that you care about them for Christmas without breaking the bank. This guide will give you some helpful tips and ideas for showing your loved ones you care.

  • Planning a festive activity together on the lead up to Christmas, My favourite is wreath making, All you really need is some gardening wire and you can forage the rest. You can make the original circle out of some sticks soaked and tied together or if you can afford they sell pre-made wreath frames in garden centres for usually less than £3. For inspiration check out Pinterest, they have some great guides too!


  • Making a handmade card, There's lots of inspiration for what you can create but I find making it personal works the best, try drawing some of their favourite Christmas things or them making a snow angel.


  • Cooking up something as a gift, you can try gingerbread, Jam or even hot sauce. I find making the packaging look fancy can make a lovely caring gift on a budget.


  • Set up a Christmas home cinema movie night, With hot chocolates, A hot water bottle, blankets and fairy lights if you have them. You can even make fake tickets for the movie and don't forget the popcorn!


  • Spending time together, I think this is the most important point, The most precious gift you can give to your family and friends is just spending time together, whether that be at home playing board games or out getting a hot drink, it's great to practise gratitude in this season and look back together at the year you've had.

Don't forget, there is help if you're struggling for funds, or need help managing your money and you can always talk to our Money Advice Service.


Posted in: Money, Wellbeing


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