Make your own Fuji Snow Mountain Iced Coffee

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Fancy trying to make your own version of Jun Zhao’s award winning special drink?

Here’s the recipe – enjoy!


1 shot of espresso

3-4 ice cubes

20-25g homemade Fuji apple syrup

1/5 glass of cold foam

1 apple slice


  • Make the espresso and let it cool, so the coffee develops more flavours
  • Take a 4oz glass and add the apple syrup and then the ice cubes
  • Pour the espresso into the glass and stir
  • Top up the glass with cold foam
  • Serve with a slice of Fuji apple

Jun recommends:

This coffee needs to have higher levels of acidity and low levels of bitterness with fruit note.

The coffee I use is from a coffee farm called Finca La Fortuna in Honduras in central of America. This beautiful farm is located at a cooler mountain at an altitude of 1520 metres above sea level, between 4000 and 5000 feet.

This high altitude produces denser and harder beans with high acidity and more complex and distinctive flavours.

This coffee is a light roast and has a wash process which produces higher levels of acidity and low levels of bitterness with fruit notes.

The variety for this coffee bean are Pacas (Arabica) and Icatu (Arabica – Robusta hybrid variety).

I use 18.5 grams of coffee to produce 37 grams of espresso (brew ratio 1:2).

The coffee combines well with our homemade Fuji Apple Syrup.

If you’d rather wait and try one made by the experts, we’ll soon be selling the drink in 4W Cafe on campus.

We’ll also be announcing soon when you can come and try one for free!

Posted in: Bars and eateries


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  • I have had the pleasure of trying one of Jun's own coffee creations before, a honey latte and it was delicious! I can't wait to try this one.. Really happy for Jun's well-deserved success at the TUCO barista awards! He is such a dedicated professional and passionate about excellent coffee. Coffee in 4West, and in particular made by Jun's hand, is in my opinion the best in Bath!