Make some tasty treats with your leftover pumpkin!

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When you're carving a pumpkin this Halloween, did you know that you can use the leftovers to whip up some delicious treats?

Reduce your food waste and enjoy a bonus meal at the same time with these simple recipes:


Roasted pumpkin soup

Warm up after a spooky Halloween walk with this hearty pumpkin soup. Simply roast the pumpkin and blend with herbs and spices to create a yummy seasonal soup. If you don't have a blender, a potato masher will do the job!


Pumpkin cheesecake

Head to Fresh to pick up some cream cheese and ginger biscuits, and make this easy no-bake pumpkin cheesecake. The ultimate comfort food.


Pumpkin hummus

What's better than hummus? A huge batch of freshly-made pumpkin hummus, that's what. Whether you prefer to dip a crisp, a carrot or a cucumber, this recipe is the perfect way to use up your leftovers.


Roasted pumpkin seeds

When you're removing the seeds before carving your pumpkin, don't let them go to waste! Pop them in the oven and roast them up for a nutritious snack that's packed with protein and omegas.


Pumpkin loaf

Had enough of banana bread? Mix it up by baking a tasty pumpkin loaf - perfect with a cup of tea.


To make the most of Halloween this year, check out the SU's Halloween-themed events, including pumpkin carving in the East Village!

Posted in: Accommodation, Special events, Students, Students' Union


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