Well done for making it to the holidays!

Once you’ve taken a well-earned break, it might be good to start thinking about preparing for upcoming applications (I know, I'm being a real party-pooper!).  Here are some top tips for using your summer well (adapted from a previous blog written by our Careers Advisers Saiyada Fazal and Ghislaine Dell).

Update your CV

Getting your application package ready will get you ahead of the game. This is a great time to reflect on the skills you have developed from your course, extra-curricular activities and your work. It’s a good idea to also think about your achievements and contributions – something students often forget to mention on their CVs!

Spend some time updating your CV, but remember that each time you apply for a role your CV will need to be edited to reflect the skills, experience and personal qualities sought by that employer. Take a look at this blog on what employers look for in a CV.

You may also want to think about creating or updating your LinkedIn profile: check out all the advice available in MyFuture Resources on using LinkedIn effectively.

Plan ahead

Read these guides on finding work experience (including internships, insight weeks and volunteering) and / or finding a graduate job, for tips on when employers are likely to be advertising.  The guides also suggest good websites to sign up to for alerts on graduate roles and / or other types of work experience  - you can also read these tips about good websites for graduate roles.  Start by setting up alerts on MyFuture!

Do something!

Employers really value the skills and personal qualities you develop while volunteering, doing part-time work, or taking part in projects and activities during the summer.

These activities don’t have to be in and around the sector you’re interested in: for example, waitressing, working in a charity shop, or completing a challenging walk will all help to develop skills (such as the ability to work under pressure, problem-solving, organisational skills and resilience).

Employers also look for students who are active learners, so think about making time to learn something new. If you've got time to spare, you could teach yourself to programme, polish up your Excel skills, or start learning to speak a new language. Take a look at the vast array of online courses now available – read this blog on why you should consider doing a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC).

You'll build your confidence, surprise yourself by discovering something new and most importantly show employers you are proactive and not afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Read this blog about how to write up your hobbies and interests.

Develop your commercial awareness

Employers look for students who are commercially aware (including public sector employers!). Use the freedom from exams to explore different sectors and industry developments. Read newspapers, follow individuals on social media and reach out to Bath Alumni. You could also read this blog on employer and industry research.

Come and talk to us

If you're feeling unsure about your future path, or want to get feedback on your application materials, the Careers Service is open throughout the summer.  You can pop in to see a Careers Adviser or Applications Adviser (for CV, cover letter, LinkedIn or personal statement feedback).  Use MyFuture to book an appointment.  If you can't come in for an appointment, we do offer Skype and telephone appointments.

And finally....have a fantastic summer!

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