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  • The journey to trust

     ‘You’ve just got to trust him.’ The words I was dreading as it meant I had to drop the lead and let Ted show me he was worthy of this sentiment. We had been on the training, invested in the...

  • Reflection

    I have always disliked reflecting on what I do and how I act. The implied criticism was tough on my ego. My tendency has been to avoid confrontation, even with myself. So, I avoided reflecting, and even if I was...

  • What did I do?

    So festive holidays are round the corner and 2022 is coming to a close (whaaaat - how did that happen so quickly?). It’s a great time to devote a little energy to celebrating your successes and learning from what went...

  • How are we listening?

    I want to propose a daft idea. Next time you’re having a meeting that gets through its scheduled business ten minutes early, don’t say: “Great, we can all have ten minutes back in our calendars.” (Everyone cheers).  Instead, say: “We’ve...

  • What would help?

    Waking up in the night worrying about your team members; not delegating work because ‘they’ve got enough on their plate, and it’ll be quicker if I just do it myself’; planning to get an important paper written and finding you’ve...

  • Introducing the Learning and Organisational Development (L&OD) Team

    On 28 January 1986 the space shuttle challenger had a fatal accident. 73 seconds into its flight it broke apart and exploded killing all seven crew members on board. I remember watching the story on the news. I also remember...