Sharing approaches to assessment and feedback: latest case studies

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Staff in Faculty of Engineering and Design have been sharing different approaches to assessment and feedback in a series of case studies.

The latest case studies in the series are now available.

In the first case study Dr Marcelle McManus (Mechanical Engineering) shares her experience of introducing assessed video presentations with final year students studying Energy and the Environment. Using video for the student presentations enabled more feedback from external experts in industry. It allowed question and answer sessions to take place online, with more time for reflection. One of the key challenges was how to fit the assessment in with the overall assessment pattern for the unit.

In the second case study Rod Valentine (Mechanical Engineering) explains how he introduced an interim assessment early in the semester for a large cohort of first year students.  A Moodle quiz is used to assess students’ understanding of terminology and key concepts in Design materials and manufacturing. Students receive an immediate indication of their progress part way through the semester. It helps them to identify and recognise key concepts as they study the taught material, and they can seek help through tutorials at an early stage. Read the case study here.

If you would like to share examples of different approaches to assessment, or learning and teaching in a case study, please contact us via

Posted in: technology enhanced learning


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