Cheltenham Science Festival 2011

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The whole team!The greatly anticipated 10th Cheltenham Science Festival took place this week, with some great names in science drawing crowds from all over the country. Not to miss such a great opportunity, the CSCT team were there as part of the family fun days on Saturday and Sunday.

Being well versed in the art of public engagement after Bath Taps into Science, the 2010 students wowed kids of all ages with the tried and tested elephant toothpaste and bouncy ball demonstrations. For the bigger kids (of all ages), we hosted an “alternative energy” display that boasted a direct methanol fuel cell, a water powered car and some of our very own solar cells.

Once people had seen what was on offer they were invited to take part in a poll as to what they thought would be the most important source of energy in 10 years time. The results showed that most people believed a mixture of all available renewables would be required to meet our energy demands, an opinion held by most of the students themselves!

After two days of solid science and a light sprinkling of rain, it was time to pack up and head back to bath - hopefully leaving the people of Cheltenham a little bit more enthusiastic about the available alternatives than before!

Posted in: Public engagement


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