Bath Taps Into Science 2013: Preview

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Bath Taps Into Science is an annual Science Fair held in Bath. This year, the CSCT stalls will have the theme “Energy”.

This year’s Bath Taps into Science Fair dates:
10:30 - 15:00, Friday 8th March 2013 - Founders Hall, University of Bath
10:00 - 16:00, Saturday 9th March 2013 - Green Park Station, Bath City Centre

What is energy?Our first stall, “What is Energy?”, repeats one of the popular activities in the past. Participants mix corn flour, glue and borax together to form a bouncy ball. Participants then hit the ball to our Bounce-ometer and see how high the ball can reach.

Energy generationThen we have “Energy Generation”. Fumes will be coming out from the chimney of our power plant model. We will talk about carbon capture and renewable power generation methods.

Next we have “Biofuel”. A fermentation experiment using baking yeast will be demonstrated. Ethanol is produced from fermentation and can be used for fuel in a petrol engine.

Hydrogen carsAfter “Biofuel”, we have “Hydrogen cars”. Participants will be making a car with cardboard, strews and a balloon. The balloon will then be inflated and put onto the race track. We will briefly explain why hydrogen is a good alternative to fossil fuels and the current difficulty for implementation.

Energy materialsFinally we have “Energy materials”. Energy material can be as simple as the graphite from a pencil, to the metal oxide at the back of your smartphone touchscreen, and BANANA. Participants can join themselves together to play the banana piano.

Entrance is free and you don't need a ticket - just turn up.

Posted in: Public engagement


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