Cheltenham Science Festival 2014 Resources

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Oranges and lemons wired together to make a "fruit battery"
How can you make a battery from fruit?

We're going to be at Cheltenham Science Festival on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 July. Find our stall "Renewable Revolution!" in the Family Fun Day area in the Town Hall Gardens between 10am-4pm. Here are some fact sheets for more information about the science behind the stall!

Bike Generator Handout - find out how the bike generator works.

Fruit Battery Leaflet - make your own fruit battery at home and find out how fruit can power an LED.

Fuel Ballot Leaflets - find out more about solar power, biofuels and hydrogen as fuels.

Weighing CO2 in Balloons - how we did our calculations for the Big Carbon Dioxide Blow-Up.

Posted in: Public engagement


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