Second year CSCT student Matthew Camilleri recently attended the RSC South-West Regional Meeting, held at the University of Reading. Here’s what Matt thought of the event:

RSC_LOGO_CMYK_300dpi“Brilliant”, “amazing” and “stimulating”: these were a few words of the attendees describing the quality of the talks presented during the RSC South and West Regional Meeting, with Professor Tim Donohoe making us feel that we were in the presence of one of the greatest chemists of our times. In fact much of the discussions after the conference were trying to compare him with some of the greatest scientists that have ever roamed the earth.

The content of the talks varied from finding new ways of how to make substituted aromatic compounds (Professor Tim Donohoe), really important in the pharmaceutical industry, to finding new catalysts in order to achieve green chemistry  (Dr Ruth Webster, Professor Andrew Smith). These ideas can then be introduced in flow chemistry (Dr Duncan Browne), which is a new innovative approach in chemistry. When it comes to innovation nothing beats molecular machines (Dr Steve Goldup), which could easily be the future of chemistry in the next few decades, different molecules working together to create different chemistry.

The research presented was outstanding, the speakers where enthusiastic and full of energy, and the audience was captivated listening to every single word. This conference was simply inspiring, giving everyone the knowledge that organic chemistry is in safe hands, and that the future looks brighter than ever.

Matt is in cohort ’13 of  the CSCT and is working towards his PhD with Dr Dave Carberry and Dr Laura Torrente Murciano.

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